Project Fusion APP

ProjectFusion available on the APP Store

Now you can access your data room across all of your devices. Download the free Projectfusion app from the App Store.

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Access Multiple Accounts

If you have access to multiple data rooms, seamlessly switch between them using the intuitive interface.

Preview Documents directly in the app

Protected file types are visible within the secure previewer.

Download, update, print documents and more…

If you have permission, you can also update, download, email, print, and open the file in other apps.

Upload files directly into your data room

If you have permission, you can upload files, take pictures, record audio and create files within your data room

Open files in other apps

Open files in other apps for more functionality. e.g. open a Spreadsheet in Excel, or a document in Word.

Print Documents

You can even print documents from within the app using any compatible AirPrint enabled printer.

Get in touch with us to activate the app on your data room.