Giving back to people and the planet

We are an innovative firm and have been at the forefront of many innovations in our sphere, from crazy developments (don’t ask!) in advertising, to the first online data room. Way back in 2011 we started giving some of our profit to charity. Then in 2016 we changed the model to 1% of turnover. A […]

Auto-numbering comes to Projectfusion!


Our brand new auto-numbering feature promises to make organising your files a lot quicker. Here’s a sneak peek of it in action! It will save your team hours, if not DAYS of time when prepping deals, we promise! Projectfusion now makes it incredibly easy to add huge numbers of files and have them indexed. This […]

Deals on ice?

As the coronavirus pandemic begins to ease off and allow for some level normality, mergers & acquisitions are happening again. The good news from analysts is that they expect a relatively quick (yet cautious) recovery. This means deals are likely to resume close to the level at which they were pre-COVID. A report from LexisNexis […]

Virtual Data Rooms: The Ultimate Guide

Data rooms are a great tool if you want to securely store confidential documents online, with the benefits of collaboration and more. 2021 promises to be an interesting year for the M&A space, in which data rooms are often used. Business has been moving more and more online for a while now, but the events […]

Don’t Let COVID-19 Kill Your Deal


With COVID-19 causing unprecedented disruption to deals, time is of the essence. Those finding deals taking longer than they should risk lower valuations, and lower investor interest. This great article from provides some best practices to make sure your deal gets done. There’s things like: Making sure communication is as clear as possible Listing […]

The Data Room in IP Due Diligence

bearded man due diligence

Here’s a good perspective on the Data Room in IP Due Diligence – for both buyers and sellers. From Fish & Richardson. In brief: “A data room is an essential fixture in every IP due diligence process. A data room is the virtual space that holds confidential information that may need to be shared… generally […]

Simple steps to protect you and your team from phishing


Here’s a simple process to protecting your firm. We’ve all seen them. Those pain in the arse emails that range from outright blatant to almost genuine in appearance. Over 50% of recipients get hacked because of them. The cost of a phishing attack can be huge, not just in monetary value either. In 2017, law […]

Stay Compliant Across The Globe


At Projectfusion we host data in a variety of locations, all of which meet your local regulatory requirements. With Projectfusion you can keep all your data isolated in one geographic location. Everything stays there – files, databases and failover servers. Uniquely, we offer hosting in both the UK & Europe – important with the lack […]

Selling Your Business: Tips From M&A Professionals


Here’s some useful excerpts from a Smith & Williamson workshop, targeted at owners looking to sell their business. Topics included having a clear vision, a storyboard, and giving the buyer permission to buy. Never tell anyone the value of your business – Stating a value puts a ceiling on the price. The owner can walk in and […]

Projectfusion & safedrop – a dream pairing!

data room

UPDATED 11/05/2020: With a huge shift in the way we work, the Projectfusion team wanted to give back to our clients and help out during such bizarre times. That’s why we’re giving FREE access to our great service at safedrop, exclusively for Projectfusion users. This means in addition to having a super secure data room, […]