Healthcare & Life Sciences

Projectfusion allows healthcare organisations to share specific folders and files securely, bypassing traditional methods like email, FTP and VPN.


Share critical documents easily and securely with granular access control, customisable NDAs, end to end encryption.


Everyone works from one hub with real time co-authoring on Word, Excel & Powerpoint keeping everyone on the same document. Custom workflows for review/approve.


Maintain & Improve compliance with industry regulations - every action is audited from login, to document views. See who's looking at what, and for how long.


Quick & Simple setup and 24/7 support from our UK based team with a guaranteed 15 minute response time.

Ideal DMS for the life sciences industry

Secure 150+ document types. You control print and download rights, and can add dynamic watermarks. Powerful built in full-text search engine, document linking and integrated viewer. Projectfusion allows you to share critical documentation easily and securely both internally and with third parties.

Connect your teams together

Whether it’s Lab Technicians, Nurses, Doctors, Clinicians or administration staff, they all need a reliable and easy way to collaborate. Projectfusion connects your different offices so everybody is working from the same location.

Our document co-authoring platform is an incredibly fast and effective way to produce documents with others quickly and securely.

We’ve developed the only online document co-authoring service that allows anyone – internal or external – to work together on documents, without downloads, and without an Office 365 or Google account. All you need is your browser.

Maintain compliance with Industry regulations

Comply with HIPPA, GDPR, ISO27001 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and ensure all of your confidential data remains secure.

Real time reporting lets you see who is looking at which files and for how long.

Look a little deeper with our comprehensive audit trail which records all activity from document views to logins.

Administrators control access to documents on a granular level and can remove inactive accounts.

First Class Support

Outstanding support from our UK and US based support team.

Our helpdesk will respond within 15 minutes by phone, email or on screen in-app live chat.

Get set up in minutes. We offer full one to one training and we can even help you upload your files to get you started.

Our team are all strongly vetted, and our entire company and supply chain is ISO27001 accredited.

Efficiently manage your TMF online

Ensure regulatory compliance by storing your Trial Master File using Projectfusion.

Keep your eTMF up to date and stay inspection ready at all times.

Access your eTMF from anywhere and allow sponsors and partners access from any device in any location. Auditors and inspectors get easy access with dedicated roles.

Reduce the administrative overheads usually associated with a paper based TMF.

Don’t waste time trying to track down a document again with our excellent search feature.

Sponsors get enhanced visibility to oversee trials efficiently.

Keep your IP secure

Accelerate the due diligence process whilst keeping your IP secure. Projectfusion lets you work with multiple licensees/partners around the world whilst keeping detailed reporting information as third parties review your clinical trials information, market statistics and other sensitive documents. Once you’ve struck a deal, revoke access to unsuccessful licensees.


No installs, or plugins required and minimal input from your IT team. Projectfusion helps you reduce friction working with third parties.

Our simple one page permissions screen lets you restrict who can see each folder and file, by groups or individual.

Complete Organisation

Organise your content into different sites each with it’s own branding and folder structure, team, permissions and terms of use.

Sites can be set up for collaboration internally, with third parties or for sharing sensitive IP to CMOs, CROs and other third parties.

An introduction to Projectfusion

How can Projectfusion help?


A virtual data room is typically used to share confidential documents for due diligence. Each of your projects gets its own site within the data room. Within each site, you can upload your drugs information whichever stage of development it is at. You can determine and set permissions based on groups of users or individual user. Using our permissions feature, you can choose which information parties can see, and which information remains hidden – keeping your IP secure. Reporting allows you to see who’s logged in and when, and what information they’ve looked at and for how long. Using our Questions & Answers feature, you can keep all communication within the data room. Never lose track of communication again. 


We know that when you’re working with third parties, you want to keep your IP secure. You can work on documents together with CROs in real time right within Projectfusion. When lab tests are over, you simply revoke editing to third parties or revoke access. Nothing ever has to leave the secure and compliant environment of Projectfusion. You can even create custom workflows for review and approval processes.

Clinical Trials

When clinicians have completed their trials, they can simply deliver their results directly into the data room. Next, you’ll need to share the results with another third party to provide a clinical trial report. Projectfusion allows you to only share the relevant information with the right people and with the right permissions. The reporting tool shows you exactly when they’ve logged in and which documents have been looked at. The Q&A feature can be used for all communication between contractors, clinicians and any other third parties – keeping everything in one safe, searchable and audited place. You’ll be notified by email daily of any activity that’s taken place within the data room.

Regulatory & Compliance Audits

Projectfusion brings efficiency and transparency to the auditing process. You can upload the inspection checklist into Projectfusion and begin preparing for the audit efficiently. 

Projectfusion helps deliver a compliant, safe and cost efficient way to help in the lifecycle of a drug from discovery through to approval.

What you get with ProjectFusion

Key Features


Group content into sites. Each site has it’s own users, and it’s own terms of use, Q&A and collaboration features.


All activity in our data rooms is anonymous by default. Users don’t even know that other users or sites exist. Switch social settings on for social features.


Our reporting module shows you who is looking at which files, and for how long. Look at usage
and break it down either by individuals, or by company.


Projectfusion’s unique one page index document shows the whole site on one page and even has a document count.


Group content into sites. Each site has it’s own users, and it’s own terms of use, Q&A and collaboration features.


Setup rules and workflows to automatically process documents on upload and make life easier.



Every action is recorded in a tamperproof log file, from comments, to searches and logins. You can even export the report to Excel.


All of our annual clients get their own private cloud with their own firewall and URL.


Choose our encrypted SecureView previewer to allow only on screen viewing for licensees, complete with dynamic watermarks, IP addresses, timestamps and usernames.


Everything is encrypted at rest and in transit.


The highest levels of security are applied to our servers including regular 3rd party audits, Intrusion detection, regular nessus scans, regular patching, staff screening (BS7858), server access restrictions and 128 bit SSL encryption on all data transfers.

ISO 27001

We have over 15 years experience of keeping IT teams happy. Our entire supply chain including our support team is ISO27001 accredited.


When you leave, we don’t just delete files, we overwrite them. Twice. All disks and their
magnetic platters are shredded, and reduced to tiny fragments from which data recovery
would be impossible.



No plugins for or installs required. Projectfusion runs from within your web browser


Full document search with live search results appearing as you type. You can even search
within documents.


Our superb UK & US based support team will respond to you within 15 minutes by phone, email, or in-app live chat.


We provide full one to one training online. We can even help you get started by uploading your files for you.


Easily control access using our one screen overview. Revoke or change access with just one click.


Just drag and drop files into your browser. If you’ve got thousands of files, we have an app for that.

Get started in as little as 30 minutes.



Are users able to see each other?

Users are not able to see each other by default and all content and activity is anonymous. Switch social settings on for a more social experience.

What accreditations does Projectfusion have?

Projectfusion is accredited to ISO27001, we take security seriously. Our system has helped facilitate thousands of secure file shares.

The highest levels of security are applied to our servers including regular 3rd party audits, Intrusion detection, regular nessus scans, regular patching, staff screening, server access restrictions and 128bit ssl encryption for all data transfers. All multi deal clients get their own server and firewall.

How easy is it to leave?

At any time your administrators can download files, folders, Q&A, and wiki entries using a WebDAV or CMIS client. Files and folder structures will be maintained and files downloaded in their native format.

We can also arrange for a copy of your data and audit trails to be couriered to you on DVD or encrypted USB drive if you’d prefer us to download the data for you.

Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

All data is backed up daily and protected with military grade encryption. It is then stored in a different data centre. Each data room maintains a recycle bin which administrators can use to restore deleted files. We maintain disaster recovery plans to cover most (we hope all!) eventualities.

Where do you store your data?

All live data is stored and processed in the UK with AES256 encrypted backups being stored in Dublin.

How much data can Projectfusion hold?

We can hold and protect as much data as you need. Just let us know what you need.

How do I get started?

Just get in touch with our friendly team for an online demo, free trial or pricing information. When you’re ready to get started, we can have you up and running in as little as 30 minutes.

Why not use a standard file sharing platform?

Standard file sharing platforms are intended for simple file sharing. Projectfusion offers complete document control with different permissions for different users. You can change access quickly if the terms change, or shut down access immediately if the licensing deal is called off.

How do I access Projectfusion?

You can access Projectfusion through any modern web browser, or by using one of our apps.

How quickly can we switch to Projectfusion?

Projectfusion’s services are hosted in the cloud, we’re ready to go when you are. We can get your service set up in as little as 30 minutes, there are no installations to worry about. Then, depending on how much data you are migrating, your data room can be ready to use from a few hours to a couple of days.

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