Online secure document collaboration allows you to collaborate inside and outside your firm. Secure exchange of documents, secure online discussions together with social tools to help build teams.
  • Work faster with everything in one place, 24×7
  • One monthly fee pays for all the storage, users and support you need
  • Compliance – meet your ISO and Data Protection Act obligations
  • No IT Needed! zero installs required
  • Secure Hosted in the UK in a maximum security datacentre, with military grade encryption
  • Simple – no training required – but it’s free if you need it. Lots of online help and video tutorials.
  • 24×7 support when you need a hand
Suitable for content up to OFFICIAL SENSITIVE.


  • Document library with granular security controls, allows storage of any file type.
  • High security, encryption of content.
  • Secure Document Restrictions.
  • Auditing of all actions, including comments.
  • Search, with metadata and tagging.
  • Social features (optional) – favourite, like, comment, status update.
  • Q&A – threaded management of questions & answers.
  • Discussion forums.
  • Wikis.
  • Blogs.
  • Calendars.


Contact us on +44 20 7183 1245 or for a 2 week trial, or an online demonstration at your desk.


Unless advertised elsewhere, our PAYG plan is £360/month for 15 users and 20GB storage. 30 days notice at any time. Other plans are available, it gets a lot cheaper as you add more users.


After receipt of a signed order form, setup time for small servers with less than 500Gb of space is 3 business days. Larger instances may take longer. Next day setup is possible, extra charge of £300.


Responsive UK based support team will respond within 15 minutes 9-5, and 1 hour at other times (24×7). All plans include unlimited support and training – we also provide self paced video training.


All data hosted in the UK, with encrypted backups in Ireland. US and Asia hosting options.


With the PAYG plan you may give 30 days notice at any time after the end of month 2. We may give 90 days written notice at any time. Extendable on request.


All information is backed up daily, encrypted with AES256 and stored in a different datacentre. Additionally, each Projectfusion maintains a recycle bin, which administrators can use to restore deleted files.


Authorised users can upload files and folders using the webservice, WebDav, or CMIS. File and Folder structures are maintained, 25Gb or more may be uploaded in one operation. (Also see supported clients below) Basic metadata (Title, description) is automatically applied to each file. Our consultants can setup automatic extraction and tagging of metadata (e.g. expiry time, author, location) Maximum file size for one file is 6Gb.


At any time your authorised administrators can download files, folders, wikis, forum entries, calendar entires and blog posts using a WebDav or CMIS client. File and Folder structures are maintained, 25Gb or more may be downloaded in one operation. (Also see supported clients below). Files in native format. Forum entries, wiki entries and blog posts provided in XML format. Calendar entries in iCal format. No charges for this. Exporting of document tags, ratings, comments and custom metadata is a chargeable extra, £300 per 50Gb. We can provide a full download, check file integrity and burn to DVD of all files and content described in this section. £200 for first 2Gb, then £50 per Gb of data, capped at £1,500. (e.g. 5Gb space is £350) We download all your documents, and burn them to 3 DVD’s, together with a load file and audit trail. The closing bible is a regular file system, containing all your folders and documents, it can be read by any computer, or easily loaded into another document repository. The Load file enables PROJECTFUSION to reconstruct your room exactly as it is for a future transaction, and includes metadata, comments and document versions. For rooms over 5Gb in size we will quote a lower per Gb price, 3 working day turnaround unless pre-ordered. For downloads larger than 5Gb please allow at least 7 working days for delivery. For downloads larger than 100Gb please ask our consultants for a quote. After service termination, we will delete all your data within 14 days. We don’t just delete data, we overwrite the entire disk with random data twice. At end of life, all disks drives are securely destroyed.


We fully support the WebDav and CMIS standards. WebDav allows easy bulk upload, download, versioning, moving and folder creation. CMIS ( is supported by many vendors including MS Sharepoint and SAP. This allows Projectfusion data stores to be accessed and modified from other services like sharepoint.


Users may contact our support team via telephone or email to support for technical support. We will acknowledge the request by email within one Business Hour of receipt. We will respond via email to the appropriate User and initiate addressing the request using reasonable endeavours within 4 Business Hours of initial contact. PROJECTFUSION servers are automatically monitored every 3 minutes for up time. In the case of a critical failure, where the PROJECTFUSION instance is not responding or accessible from any network, we will attempt to solve the problem using reasonable endeavours within 30 minutes of initial contact or notification by monitoring system.