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Types of Closing Bible

Digital Bible

We can deliver up to 1GB electronically for £50 + VAT. This is a complete copy of your Documents and, if requested, a copy of the Audit Trail, Site Index and Q&A compressed into a .ZIP file. All files are integrity checked before delivery. The .ZIP file contains all your folders and files, which can be read by any computer, copied to other media, or easily loaded into another document repository.


Physical Bible: Encrypted USB, DVD (Encrypted)

For 1GB or more of data we offer physical couriered delivery on keypad encrypted USBs or encrypted DVDs.

There’s a flat fee of £200 for up to 2GB of data, then £50 per additional GB of data. For example 5GB of data would cost a minimum of £350 (all prices + VAT).

In addition to the above flat fee we also charge for each USB or DVD copy requested and any courier fees we incur.

You will receive all your Documents and, if requested, a copy of the Audit Trail, Site Index and Q&A data (questions).

We recommend when ordering a physical bible that you order a minimum of 2. This protects against one copy of your data becoming corrupt or lost. For additional copies, we only charge the extra cost of the USB or DVD. (Alternatively you can copy the data somewhere safe as soon as you receive it).


Turnaround Time

Digital Bible – Up to 2 business days.

Physical Bible (USB/DVD) – 5 business days from request to delivery, unless pre-ordered. For downloads larger than 5GB there may be a longer turnaround, so please pre-book the service to guarantee delivery.

A rush charge of £200+VAT will be applied for next day delivery of digital bibles and less than 3 business days delivery for a physical bible (from receipt of your order). To avoid a rush charge, please schedule your delivery with 2 business days notice for digital bibles, and 5 business days notice for physical bibles.


Delivery options

Our digital bibles are delivered to you via Safedrop, a secure email courier.

Our physical bibles are delivered using a next day courier service where available. If requested, we can deliver in London using a same day courier. (If your bible is not urgent, let us know and we can provide a cheaper delivery option).

Example courier charges:

Overnight UK: £50
Overnight EU: £80
Overnight US: £80
Same day courier: £160

(Please note these charges are examples, and will change depending on the courier)


Secure Storage

For £150/year we will keep a secure copy of your data (up to 5Gb) as an encrypted backup For backups over 5GB, contact us for a quote). Please note your data room will be shutdown.

If you need to open the room again let us know and we can recover the room from backup, and set everything up again. We then move you back onto a monthly or annual plan.

Please note: You will lose all security settings, comments, metadata and document versions.