Full Dataroom for £499 £60 a month!
Save thousand's with our Startup Dataroom pack - including a full data room, pitch deck tracking & eSignatures.
Full Featured Data Room, eSigs and Board Portal for £499 £60 a month!
Save thousands and do a faster deal.
The Ideal Corporate Virtual Data Room
So much more than dropbox. A slick, branded data room, will take you from pitch documents, through to a full data room with Q&A, indexes and closing bibles for your next raise, and meet your post-success compliance needs.
Document Repository
Provide one source of the truth for investors, partners, & auditors - whether they’re down the hall or around the world. Super fast search as you type finds stuff quick, auto numbering reduces errors.
VC and Angel Friendly pitch deck tracker

Investors hate faff and hassle. Our unique safedrop option lets you send and track information to prospects, in a way they'll like - no signups or accounts required. You can see who's interested and looking at your docs, and who to spend time on.

Get your NDA's and term docs signed online in seconds.
We include eSignatures so you can get your NDA's and other  docs signed online in seconds. Also handles any kind of electronic form  or paperwork. 
Save legal time with indexing

Someone needs to maintain a document index and numbering system for your paperwork. Getting your lawyer to do this will cost thousands. Or let us do it, all included.

Run your Q&A online
All transactions generate questions.  Moving online makes the whole due diligence Q&A process faster, more efficient and infinitely more secure. Reduce human error, security breaches, duplicated work and neglected queries:  pretty strong reasons for switching to online Q&A.
£60 a month? Saving £40/month on docusign,  £250 on a data room, £30 on a pitch deck tracker, £40 a month on corporate document storage, £50 on a board portal - thats over £4,000 in savings!
Buy now before we change our minds!

The problem
You're probably making do with Google docs, Dropbox, excel and bits of paper.

No idea whether the Angel you sent your deck to actually even looked at it. She was so busy it doesn't seem right to even ask her to sign an NDA, so just hope for the best on that one and send her what she asked for (which included all the staff details, doesn't she also work with a competitor? 🙈

Then the VC 💰 who wants to do some 'due diligence' (ie look at the details and check you out properly) - well you give them a dropbox share, and let them download, copy, and share to their hearts content. No idea what they're looking at, and hoping they're going to keep your life's work safe.

You're getting asked hundreds of questions, never knew there'd be so many. Bob is keeping an excel sheet of answers, sort off. Not sure if he's answered that slightly tricky one yet. Wonder if you should keep a copy of the answers everyone is giving?

There's a better way

Our pitchdeck tracker lets you track who's looking at your stuff, and also protects it with a personal watermark. So you can see if Angel Anna actually did look at your slides, and if she sends them on, you can see who she passed them to.

Need to get an NDA or doc signed, eSignatures let you get anything signed in seconds, with a legally binding signature. Your Angel can sign on her phone, no hassle, no bits of paper.

Handling lots of questions from crowd funders that are a little sensitive? Our safedrop share lets you send them a view only document with watermarks all over it.

Then a slick data room highlights your brand, does all the donkey work (like automatically numbering the documents) and protects your documents. You control who see's what. Don't want their 'advisor' seeing staff details? Remove their permission.

It all gives you credibility, protects your idea, and helps you move faster.

For £60 a month.. what's not to like.

You won't recognise the start-ups who work with us, but these folks found us great to work with
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BOC Cylinders trust Projectfusion for instant collaboration on vital documents. When needing assistance, they know they can call our live chat support to get a rapid response, reducing any potential down time. For such a fast-paced company, these benefits are ideal.
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"Their features such as automatic document indexing made everything so much easier to control and with our trust in their system, Projectfusion helped us progress the transaction quickly and efficiently."

C Birch,

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Imaging company Ricoh used Projectfusion for secure storage for vast quantities of data. Our solutions enabled fast and confidential access to a range of files, easily organised and searchable, thanks to our intuitive platform.
Move faster with Projectfusion
Stay agile with our intuitive and flexible data rooms.
Whether it be fundraising, or an IPO, share confidential information with potential investors easily. Manage due diligence, restrict access, and audit all activity in the data room to identify interested parties.
Their features such as automatic document indexing made everything so much easier to control and with our trust in their system, Projectfusion helped us progress the transaction quickly and efficiently.

C Birch
How much is it?
£50 (plus VAT if applicable) a month.
Is my business eligible?
You need to have a registered company setup in the last 12 months. If you're older than that (Congratulations!) then you need to have started a process with Seedrs, Kickstarter or another crowd funding platform.
What's the catch
You can run all your data room, eSignature and pitch tracking for 1 year for only £50 a month. After that you can keep the pitch tracking & eSigs and choose a data room plan.
I don't need all these features
You can pick what you need separately, we have plans for each option.
I don't meet the requirements, but this looks fab
Talk to us below, we have loads of cost effective plans. 
What if I hate it?
Just cancel, its a monthly contract, no lock in.
What do we get?
Projectfusion - full featured dataroom - 5Gb storage
safedrop - for tracking pitch documents and proposals
safedrop eSignatures - for getting those NDA's signed!

  • 10 internal users
  • unlimited read-only/download users
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The things our clients love
Documents display fast, uploads are fast, support is fast! Our data rooms save you time. Find out more.
Great support
UK team online and on phone 24x7 with 3 min response during office hours.
Auto Number

Automatically number each folder and file. Change in seconds, save hours!
Find out more.

Q&A app helps speed up your deal, prevent accidental disclosures, and gives you a record of all questions after the deal.
Security that works
Super fast secure viewer and folder permissions that are easy to manage.
Simple published prices
No BS or sales calls, check our pricing here.
Got questions?
Book a call with one of our team. No obligation, no sales pressure. Just a chat about what you need and what we can do.
Flexible, simple pricing: Whether you've one project or fifty, our pricing is transparent and clear, no hidden BS.
In-depth demo: Take 15 minutes and we'll show you why Projectfusion is tried and trusted by many.
Integrations: We already integrate with tools including Outlook, safedrop & Zylpha.

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