Projectfusion for Corporate​

Great for all aspects of Business, our data rooms are great for M&A, IPO, Client Portals, super secure storage & more!

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Projectfusion for Corporate

Great for all aspects of Business, our data rooms are great for M&A, IPO, Client Portals, super secure storage & more!

Projectfusion Virtual Data Room

Provides your firm with many uses:

> The Ideal Corporate

Virtual Data Room

Super quick setup data rooms – used for IPO, M&A, fundraising and deal making. Tools like auto-numbering, Q&A & granular permissions get your deal moving faster. Find out more.

> Document Repository

Provide one source of the truth for investors, partners, & auditors – whether they’re down the hall or around the world. Eliminate the risks of sending sensitive documents via email. Editing works on any device, without plugins.

> Amazing Support

We’re available 24×7 to help you when you need it. During UK Office Hours, we’ll respond within 3 minutes, meaning you won’t have to hang around to get a problem solved.

> Remote Collaboration

Edit a range of documents in real-time with other users, even if you’re on opposite sides of the world. Stay on the same page with simple version control.

BOC Cylinders trust Projectfusion for instant collaboration on vital documents. When needing assistance, they know they can call our live chat support to get a rapid response, reducing any potential down time. For such a fast-paced company, these benefits are ideal.

“Their features such as automatic document indexing made everything so much easier to control and with our trust in their system, Projectfusion helped us progress the transaction quickly and efficiently.”

C Birch,

Imaging company Ricoh used Projectfusion for secure storage for vast quantities of data. Our solutions enabled fast and confidential access to a range of files, easily organised and searchable, thanks to our intuitive platform.

> Move faster with Projectfusion 

Stay agile with our intuitive and flexible data rooms.

Whether it be fundraising, or an IPO, share confidential information with potential investors easily. Manage due diligence, restrict access, and audit all activity in the data room to identify interested parties.

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The things our clients love


Documents display fast, uploads are fast, support is fast! Our data rooms save you time. Find out more.

Great support

UK team online and on phone 24x7 with 3 min response during office hours.


Automatically number each folder and file. Change in seconds, save hours! Find out more.


Q&A app helps speed up your deal, prevent accidental disclosures, and gives you a record of all questions after the deal.

Security that works

Super fast secure viewer and folder permissions that are easy to manage.

Simple published prices

No BS or sales calls, check our pricing here.

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