Projectfusion for Life Sciences

Great for confidential IP, secure data storage and more. Projectfusion adds value across the board.

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Projectfusion for Life Sciences

Great for confidential IP, secure data storage and more. Projectfusion adds value across the board.

Projectfusion Virtual Data Rooms

Allows Life Science organisations to share files securely

Secure DMS

Share critical documents easily and securely with granular access control, customisable NDAs, and E2E encryption. Great for IP and more.

Regulatory Compliance & Reporting

Improve compliance with industry regulations - every action is audited from login, to document views. See who's looking at what, and for how long.

Make Life Science More Collaborate

Everyone works from one hub with real-time co-authoring on Word, Excel & Powerpoint keeping everyone on the same document.

First Class 24x7 Support

Quick & Simple setup and 24/7 support from our UK based team with a guaranteed 15 minute response time.

Receive files safely

Get your very own secure Inbox where you can receive files from users without them needing an account. It makes sharing Biotech docs super safe.

Simple Version Control

Document changed? Need to revert to an older copy or add a new one? Our version control options means everyone stays on the same page.

Wren Healthcare use us to store and send vast amounts of sensitive files with ease. Thanks to our secure file sharing solution safedrop, it’s quick and intuitive for the team to send out files from wherever they are working.

“The data room is a cost effective & intuitive data repository that has coped well with both huge regulatory documents, often 250-300MB in size and folders of many Gigabytes.”

T Record,

Speciality European Pharma

Quay Pharma use Projectfusion to securely review documents of all types, allowing third parties to access secure content thanks to our SecureView technology, and variety of security permissions.

Storage Friendly
Secure store hundreds of files
With our Multi-Factor Authentication, robust access controls and more, you can safely store huge numbers of files, without all the complexity. For Life Sciences, this means securing IP, sensitive Biotech documents and more, without hassle.

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The things our clients love


Documents display fast, uploads are fast, support is fast! Our data rooms save you time. Find out more.

Great support

UK team online and on phone 24x7 with 3 min response during office hours.


Automatically number each folder and file. Change in seconds, save hours! Find out more.


Q&A app helps speed up your deal, prevent accidental disclosures, and gives you a record of all questions after the deal.

Security that works

Super fast secure viewer and folder permissions that are easy to manage.

Simple published prices

No BS or sales calls, check our pricing here.

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