Secure digital communications to speed up your deals & workflows

Secure digital communications to speed up your deals & workflows

'Perfect for M&A, Startups & Law Firms'

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No credit card needed.

> data room

Speed up your deal data, minimising human error

Manage multiple deals in one place

Autonumbering saves hours of preparation

Manage same day or couriered closing bibles

> fileshare

Share all your documents or pitch decks at group or individual level

Fully customisable permissions settings, monitor and record who views your files and documents

Set expiry or revoke access at any time

Intuitive UI and easy for recipients

> eSignatures

Get documents signed fast

Request signatures with one click of a button

Legally binding and eIDAS compliant signature records

Harness the power of AI for redaction

Perfect for HR, Contracts, NDAs & more

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Customer Spotlight: Hive Energy
🍃 The Hive Energy team are working on a renewable energy pipeline across the globe. Their renewable energy pipeline consists of solar, wind, green hydrogen, and green ammonia projects. We sat down to discuss how using Projectfusion's innovative data rooms solutions has been a game changer in the way they work.

> Projectfusion for Law Firms

Run multiple deals, send secure bundles, pitch & RFP tracking, eSignatures & eForms.

Unique offer includes pitch deck tracking, eSigs and data room. Save thousands with our start up pack.

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Virtual Data Rooms for all Industries

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Ideal for Lawyers

We’ve worked with the UK’s best lawyers to get the features Legal people need, including:

  • Disbursement friendly pricing
  • Datarooms with auto-numbering and Q&A
  • Client Hub
  • Secure Email
  • Electronic Signatures

Our NPS score ‘Outstanding, and getting better’

We regularly ask our customers how likely they are to recommend our data rooms on a score of 1-10.

We get an average of 8.5, which gives us our NPS Score of 58.


Creators of NPS, Bain & Company, suggest a score above 50 is outstanding, and above 80 is world class.

Tech for good

Our services save loads of travel, carbon and printer ink, we’re carbon neutral, give 1% of turnover to planet charities, offer discounts to charities, offer life changing careers, and are generally nice people. 


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