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Client Story: Ethical Power

Ethical Power is one of Britain’s most innovative and ambitious renewable energy companies. They are market leaders in the financing, development, construction and maintenance of renewable energy products.

The mission of Ethical Power is to deliver high quality, sustainable and innovative energy solutions to encourage and shape a brighter future.

Ethical Power’s ICP company have recently achieved full accreditation under the Lloyds National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) for Design & Construction up to and including 132kV.

Ethical Power has been using Projectfusion to set up data rooms and share data with potential buyers for the purpose of acquiring project rights for sites, and selling them to investors. Typical users of the data room would include advisors, banks, solicitors and investors. The information shared is confidential, so Projectfusion has been the perfect place to store and share that information.

Suzie Gilhooly, Legal Director at Ethical Power said that before Projectfusion, the company was using alternatives such as Dropbox or an alternative data room provider however Dropbox wasn’t deemed suitable due to a lack of security and no audit trails (a compliance requirement), and the alternative data room provider had no indexing, and it was difficult to maintain a logical data room.

Before Projectfusion “We previously used another data room provider and a lack of indexing made it difficult to maintain a logical data room.”

Suzie  recommended Projectfusion for use as the exclusive data room provider for Ethical Power as she had used it before (at a UK based Law Firm she had previously worked at), it’s ease of use, the way it looks and the in depth functionality. Suzie also explained that compared to other data rooms, Projectfusion is really easy to use and that they’re comfortable that third parties will be happy using it.

“We’re comfortable that third parties using Projectfusion will be happy using it, and will have a good experience”.

As Suzie had used Projectfusion before, it didn’t take any time at all to get up and running, but as training is provided to all users if needed, the onboarding process is very straight forward. In fact, Suzie suggested her favourite feature of Projectfusion was its ease of use.

“Getting Started was very easy”

Suzie had used other data rooms previously, and she told us that they were somewhat clunky, and they had issues indexing documents correctly, and they would often encounter issues with downloading files. This experience was particularly frustrating when it came to completion and trying to download the data to a USB/DVD.

The most positive experience with Projectfusion is that it makes everyones lives so much easier, she’s never had any bad feedback and it’s great to have that peace of mind when providing access to third parties.

“Everyone has a positive experience”.

Recently Suzie and the Ethical Power team have been using safedrop to send and receive huge documents to third parties. She uses safedrop links to get huge documents across to third parties, and has found it to be a much easier way to get files sent. Safedrop would be used to securely send documents that aren’t uploaded to a data room (incomplete documents, or documents attached to projects that don’t have a data room set up). Supplier contracts are also sent/received using safedrop.

“A quick efficient way to share sensitive documents”.

When we asked Suzie what the biggest reason she’d recommend Projectfusion is, she replied “It does exactly what it says on the tin with lots of clever functionality and without complexity.”

If you’d like to speak to Suzie about her experience with Projectfusion, send us an email and we’ll put you in touch.

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