Improved Security and Control

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Our latest update is now live!
We’ve worked hard to release several new features in our latest update which has already been rolled out across all data rooms. Here is an overview of the major changes which are in addition to bug fixes.
Site Creators Group
Now you can add a user to a site creators group without providing them with any other admin permissions. This allows select users to create sites as needed with no admin involvement – easy to delegate, no more bottlenecks!
See here for our helpdesk article 
You now have control over whether the CMIS interface is left open.  Turn it on and you’re all set for our upcoming iOS app. Leave it off, and the app will not be able to connect to your data room.
If you want to prevent potential mass downloads/uploads by users, now you can.
See our helpdesk article here.
We are already working on our  next release. If you have any ideas, get in touch with us.
If you want to be a part of our iOS App beta testing team, send us an email –

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