Data Room

Import from anywhere

We’ll setup your Data Room and add numbering and a document index from paper, a USB drive, or any of these sources.


Granular folder and file security & a super-fast document viewer protect your files. ISO2700, Cyber assured. Our team can lease with your IT and make sure everyone is happy.


Our unique threaded Q&A app helps speed up your deal, prevent accidental disclosures, and gives you a record of all questions after the deal.

3 minute support

Our UK based team will respond in-app within 3 minutes. We can help upload and add users. Unlimited training for your internal users.


Watch our admin Interface tour by Eden Parker from the Project Fusion team.

The fastest deal setup

Get going in seconds. Our support team will get you started, and can import data from any location to speed things along. Paper, USB, one drive, sharepoint, dropbox - all easy peasy.
Automatic file & folder numbering saves you even more preparation time.

Secure documents and happy reviewers

Some secure viewers are restrictive & annoying. Our secure viewer works on any device, and secures excel without making it hard to read.

Support to get everyone on-board

No installs mean no IT, our service will work on anything.
Our UK team are available around the clock to make sure everyone can access your deal. We can upload, setup security & add users for you.
Online, phone or video - we’re happy to talk

UK, EU or 27 other places

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What you get with Project Fusion


Real Time Editing

Multiple users can edit word, ppt or excel files at once. You see all changes live.

Version Control

Every change is automatically versioned. Revert or download old versions at any time.

Activity Stream

Every change is automatically versioned. Revert or download old versions at any time.

Granular Permissions

Easily manage rights for users or groups to the file & folder level. Choose roles including no download/print, read-only, review only, collaborate or manage.

Multiple Sites

With our annual plans you can group content into sites. Each site has it’s own users, and it’s own terms of use, Q&A and collaboration features.


Setup rules and workflows to automatically process documents on upload and make life easier.


Audit Everything

Every action is recorded in a tamperproof log file, from comments, too searches and logins. You can even export the report to excel

Private Cloud

All of our annual clients get their own private cloud with their own firewall and URL.

Document Security

Choose our encrypted SecureView previewer to allow only on screen viewing for bidders, complete with customisable watermarks, IP addresses, timestamps and usernames.


Everything is encrypted at rest and in transit

Secure Systems

The highest levels of security are applied to our servers including regular 3rd party audits, intrusion detection, regular Nessus scans, regular patching, staff screening (BS7858), server access restrictions and 128 bit SSL encryption on all data transfers.


We have over 15 years experience of keeping IT teams happy. Our entire supply chain including our support team is ISO2001 accredited.

File Deletion

When you leave, we don’t just delete files, we overwrite them. All disks and their magnetic platters are shredded, and reduced to tiny fragments from which data recovery would be impossible


No Plugins

No plugins for the sellers. No plugins for the bidders. Projectfusion runs from within your web browser


Full document search with live search results appearing as you type. You can even search within documents.

15 Minute Support

Our UK & US support team are on the phone, email and in app chat. If we can’t answer on the spot we always get back to you within 15 minutes.


We provide full one to one training online. We can even help you get started by uploading your files for you.


Easily control access into the data room using our one screen overview. Revoke or change access with just one click.

Easy Upload

Just drag and drop files into your browser. If you’ve got thousands of files, we have an app for that.