Projectfusion & safedrop – a dream pairing!

UPDATED 11/05/2020: With a huge shift in the way we work, the Projectfusion team wanted to give back to our clients and help out during such bizarre times. That’s why we’re giving FREE access to our great service at safedrop, exclusively for Projectfusion users. This means in addition to having a super secure data room, you can now also safely send files using safedrop. If you’re on an annual plan with us you’ll receive safedrop for free indefinitely. For all other plans, it’ll be free until September 30th 2020. To check if safedrop has been set up already on your Projectfusion instance, click on your name in the very top menu bar. If you see the My Safedrops option, you’re good to go!

safedrop logo data room
If you have clients who you’re working with that need access to particular files, but not your entire data room, then using safedrop is the ideal choice for sending them securely. Using the safedrop integration with Projectfusion will save your clients having to setup an account & password simply to access maybe one or two files. There’s no long manual to read, you can send a file in minutes.

How does safedrop integrate into Projectfusion?

You can safedrop individual files or folders directly from the document library. Hover over the file or folder you wish to send, and then select More… and then safedrop from the right hand menu. You can then add the necessary details and send, all within the same window!data room gifIn your site, there are a number of ways you can use safedrop. To directly access safedrop, head to the top-most menu bar in your site (Home, Sites, etc.) and select your name. In the dropdown, select My Safedrops. You’ll then be able to start sending files, using a variety of security room gif 2


Example 1
Bob uses Projectfusion for all his data rooms, but he needs to get a KYC/AML document from a new client. The client doesn’t have access to Bob’s data room. Rather than setting up an account, granting permissions and showing the client how everything works, Bob uses safedrop Inbox. Just like sending a safedrop, receiving items is as secure. He sends his inbox web address to his client, that will allow him to send the KYC/AML document securely. Within a couple of minutes, the file has been recieved. Both Bob and the client saved time, with the client not having to learn a new system from scratch.
Example 2
Legal Lionel uses Projectfusion for managing matters and deal rooms. He needs to send a contract containing lots staff details over to a client. His client is really busy and only works on mobile devices. Lionel sends the contract using safedrop, knowing that his client won’t need to create an account or go from pillar to post just to get the contract. Lionel sends the contract using a Magic Link, making it super simple for his client to get it, even on mobile.

Did you know?

You can track safedrops that you’ve sent & received by going to Track Safedrops in the top menu of room track safedrop
You can also see which files and folders have been shared as they’ll have an icon to indicate this.share
You can also see an audit log of safedrops within Projectfusion too. Select the More… option, then safedrop and then click the (i) icon in the audit column to see the full audit trail.

safedrop really is the ideal companion to Projectfusion as it’s a lighter touch when you only need to send a few files. It could be a real game changer in the way you work. If you’d like to find out more about either safedrop or Projectfusion, contact us.