Projectfusion Updates August 2021 – Know your LOI from your IOI?

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? Taking your first steps into M&A!

Are you new to the M&A space? Know someone that can’t tell their LOIs from their IOIs? Well, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on what to expect from most M&A transactions for SMEs. It contains handy tips as well as templates for commonly used documents. If you’ve any feedback on the M&A process (gripes you’ve faced, notable experiences,etc.), then we’d love to hear from you! You can reach out to us at

?Fixes and updates

We’ve been hard at work recently making Projectfusion even better, with a slew of fixes & minor updates. Here’s a brief list of some notable mentions:

  • Uploader and autonumber works in Safari now – Apple users rejoice! You can now upload and use auto-numbering on Safari – yay!
  • Document viewer updated – Our lightning fast secure document previewer has gotten that much better with a small update. With this latest update, we’ve managed to squeeze out even more speed, and some documents that weren’t viewing properly will now display correctly. We’ve also made some additions to our viewer accessibility options, with additional support for screen readers, which can now identify items such as bookmarks.
  • Live Editing Tool tweaks – Our online document editor has also been updated. More uncommon document types are now supported, and online spreadsheet editing now supports functions like TREND & UNIQUE.

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