Q&A update adds drafts, alerts and more

We hope you had a great break. We’ve been busy updating your Projectfusion instance. Q&A has had an update, now your managing teams can draft questions, and pass them on for review. Also there’s new assign and notify options, as well as improvements to how you can reset passwords. Or you can give junior staff the […]

New and improved Q&A for due diligence and procurement data rooms is on its way

We’re preparing our new Q&A rollout,  it will be going out to all our customers over the next few weeks.  It’s designed for M&A and Procurement, scales to 10s of thousands of questions, and exports nicely to excel. The biggest improvement for me is the tagging, which interacts with search to provide things like “Show […]

Our new Q&A is in beta

Our new Q&A feature is in Beta at the moment. Here’s a quick guide for those of you trying it out. This is due to be final before the end of March. It adds lots of nice features, including threaded questions.