Updates – sorting

We’ve rolled out over 60 changes in the last month, most were security related or minor bug fixes, but here’s a few you need to know about.
We’ve added room customisation options, so you can now change the footer on the login page, and on all pages of the site (Go to the ‘More’ menu, then ‘Application’) as an Administrator.
There’s a new ‘Legal’ sorting for documents, which displays most legal numbering options like 1.1.1 much better. This is now the default option for all users.
SecureView protection now handles more documents, especially tricky Word docx files, and our thumbnail generation got better too.
And finally there’s a new Blog dashlet. This is really useful, you can use it to post announcements to all users for M&A deals, Procurement, or anywhere where it’s important that users all get the same update.