Client Story: Paris Smith


Arezou Rezai, Corporate Associate at Paris Smith, has been using Projectfusion for nearly 4 years and has been involved in numerous transactions. She recently helped us develop the auto-numbering feature that speeds up organising your deals.




Tell us a bit about Paris Smith!

Paris Smith provides the full range of legal services to businesses, organisations and individuals. Our purpose is to help our clients thrive, and to navigate the challenges and opportunities life throws. Based in the central South, we have a national outlook, reach and influence.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am an Associate in the Corporate team at Paris Smith. I have experience in a wide range of corporate matters, including M&A transactions, corporate reorganisations and company constitutional matters. I am regularly working as part of a team on larger transactions or running my own transactions with assistance from other members of the team.

What type of corporate deals does Paris Smith get involved with?

Paris Smith undertakes a wide range of corporate work including:

  • Company acquisitions, disposals and management buy-outs.
  • Venture and growth capital and private equity.
  • Corporate structuring, restructuring and reorganisations.
  • Ownership (shareholders, partnership and LLP) agreements and constitutional.
  • Corporate law advice and governance.
  • Employee and stakeholder incentivisation.
  • Company secretarial services

Auto Numbering adds numbers to each file and folder that persist even after you add or remove content. This makes finding, reviewing and discussing files faster and more accurate.

What sort of deal sizes does Paris Smith support when representing the vendor?

We support vendors at all levels, and have recently completed transactions with total transaction values in excess of £150m.

How did you arrange your data rooms before the auto-numbering feature was added?

Before auto-numbering was available we would have to ensure that all documents uploaded to the virtual data room were manually numbered (either before being uploaded to the data room or once uploaded) in sequence. There was definitely room to improve the efficiency of this process, without losing any accuracy in the way we work.

How does auto-numbering help?

The data rooms are now even more organised and professional looking. It saves time towards the end of a transaction when a numbered index needs to be produced.

What’s your most positive experience using Projectfusion?

The customer service is fantastic. We call on Jamie and Noé if a user is experiencing difficulties with Projectfusion and they are always available to assist and resolve the issue very quickly.

Any advice for people setting up a Virtual Data Room?

I would say try to not have too many people uploading documents to the data room. It is preferable to have a designated “upload” team who all understand how and to where documents need to be uploaded. Using folders and sub-folders helps to keep a data room organised, which is important when trying to navigate hundreds, if not thousands, of documents.

How can I get in contact with Paris Smith?

I am available for corporate related enquiries by email to, otherwise please visit our website for further details on how you can contact us:

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