Auto-numbering comes to Projectfusion!

Our brand new auto-numbering feature promises to make organising your files a lot quicker. Here’s a sneak peek of it in action! It will save your team hours, if not DAYS of time when prepping deals, we promise!

Projectfusion now makes it incredibly easy to add huge numbers of files and have them indexed. This makes it really easy to track files, being able to sort and organise them to your liking.

Even with tens of thousands of files, auto-numbering makes it easy to index them all and track them. Projectfusion’s new auto-numbering service will automatically assign indexed numbers to all folders and subfolders within in your data room, regardless of size.

Your existing folder structures will remain the same, so if you’re already using our data rooms, auto-numbering call be applied without hassle. Just remember it can take some time to update, so grab yourself a beverage whilst it does it’s thing! Auto-numbering is lightning fast if you switch it on from the get go when starting a new site.

If you make any changes to the structure of your data room’s files and folders after the initial index has been setup, this will remain in place. For example, the file “Annual Report” with an Index of 1.3 will retain the index if the item before it (index 1.2) get’s deleted. This is great, as it prevents any unwarranted changes to the overall structure of your files & folders. It also has the added benefit of making items super easy to find. If you can’t remember the name of that file you last opened months ago but you know the index, then you can search for it that way, with the result returned to you in a couple of seconds.

You can also edit the index manually too, so if you’re not happy with the end result, you can always tweak things too.

To find out more about our upcoming features, stay tuned to our blog!

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