Deals on ice?

As the coronavirus pandemic begins to ease off and allow for some level normality, mergers & acquisitions are happening again. The good news from analysts is that they expect a relatively quick (yet cautious) recovery. This means deals are likely to resume close to the level at which they were pre-COVID.

A report from LexisNexis on the state of play in the UK market for H1 2020 gives some insight into how the pandemic has changed things. As expected, there has been a huge reduction in activity in comparison to previous years. However, with the thawing of frozen deals commencing, now’s the time to seize the moment.

Despite uncertainty around COVID-19, there are some deals in the works that could be big – Microsoft’s rumoured purchased of social media giant TikTok (with Oracle swooping in) & Google’s acquisition of ADT Systems are just a couple of examples.

If your deal is on ice, now is a great time to prepare for when things start moving again. With things looking like they might be starting up, it pays to be organised and ready. Whether it’s tomorrow, next month, or even next year – with Projectfusion, you can try our data room for free – you only pay when your deal goes live. This means you can add all your files and get prepared without having to pay a penny. If you’re midway through a deal and it goes on hold – again, no problem – our rooms come with free hibernation too.

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