Enhancing Data Security with Our New Excel Watermark Feature

Empowering Excel with Watermark Security

Our Excel watermark feature acts as an additional layer of security on top of our collaboration tools, enhancing your document editing by making it even more secure. Here’s how it works:

  1. Securing the Complete Excel View: Our watermark feature automatically applies watermarks to your spreadsheets. These watermarks are designed to cover the entire worksheet, and are not editable. They include the users email address, IP address and a timestamp.
  2. Preventing Data Leaks: Unauthorised sharing poses a substantial risk in corporate finance transactions. Our watermark feature serves as a deterrent, making users think twice before sharing sensitive information without proper authorisation. If something does get leaked, the watermark will clearly show the users details, making it easy to trace the source of the leask.
  3. Retaining Core Functionality: While data security is paramount, it is equally important for us to maintain the full functionality of our collaboration tools. Our Excel watermark feature lets you continue to work on complex spreadsheets, uninterrupted. You can still freeze columns and rows, sort and filter data, and more, all without any disruption. Large and complex spreadsheets remain fully editable, ensuring that your team can continue to work seamlessly.

Projectfusion SecureViewer

One of the key components of document protection technology is the use of on-screen watermarks. Our watermarks are unobtrusive and serve as a powerful deterrent against unauthorised copying, redistribution, and alteration of digital documents.

We can’t prevent this, but we certainly make life difficult for bad actors!

While we cannot prevent screen captures, our secure viewer technology integrates into your documents, making it easy to identify any unauthorised activity.

Additionally, watermarks act as a traceable mark as previously mentioned, making it easier to identify the source of leaked or misused documents. Watermarks work across devices which means you can remain secure even when on the go.

Advanced Security Features

In addition to on-screen watermarks, our secure viewer technology encompasses a range of advanced security features that help boost document protection. Here’s some of these features:

  1. Access Controls: Control who can view, edit, and share your documents by implementing granular access controls. Assign user permissions and restrict document access based on roles, departments, or specific individuals.
  2. Encryption: Protect the content of your documents from unauthorised access using state-of-the-art encryption. Our secure viewer technology employs robust encryption methods that safeguard your data both at rest and in transit.
  3. Multi-factor Authentication: Our login tokens ensure that only authorised users can access your content. This means that users will need more than just a password to login.
  4. Audit Trail: Gain insights into document access and usage with a comprehensive audit trail. Track user activities, monitor document modifications, and generate detailed reports for compliance purposes. You can see who has looked at a document as well as how long users have spent looking at a document too.

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