Projectfusion – August Update

Our August update is rolling out now!

Drag and drop folders

This is huge! You can now drag and drop folders whilst maintaining your folder/file structure. You can read more about this feature in our previous blog post.

Power Navigation

It’s now easier to switch between documents. Now you can select the forward or back arrow in the top right corner and select from the next documents in the document library and read it instantly. See it in action below:

Q&A improvements

Q&A is getting some attention. It’s now a lot easier to add users into bidder groups. Instead of having to search for users individually, you can now add them from a list of users in the data room. We’re working on improving Q&A in the coming months. In our next release, we’re bringing categories. Stay tuned for more…

Empty Folders

Next to an empty folder, you’ll now see [Empty]. This is a small improvement that will help users identify if a folder is empty. No more wasting 5 seconds opening a folder to see nothing inside.

We’re in the process of switching our hosting provider, so you’ll notice performance and stability improvements as you use Projectfusion.
Do you have any suggestions or improvements you’d like to see? We’d love to hear from you