It’s here! The new look safedrop is out now!

The new look safedrop has arrived!

Starting the week commencing 7th October – safedrop users will start getting access to the new version. safedrop has been redesigned from the ground up with a beautiful new look! Check it out below.

What’s changed?

As soon as users login, safedrop feels instantly familiar, but with a simplified new look. The simplified look lets you send a safedrop in as little as two steps. If you need to change the security settings, or add a reference to your safedrop, just click ‘Advanced settings’ and a brand new settings menu will slide out revealing additional options:

  • Reference – Add your own internal reference to be shown in the audit trail and on read receipts.
  • Expiry Time – Once the expiry time has been reached, the safedrop will expire and all content will be deleted.
  • Allowed Downloads – Restrict the number of times a recipient can download a document (1 = self destruct)
  • View Security – You can restrict a safedrop to View Only with no downloads for super sensitive documents – a bit like
  • snapchat, but for your messages/documents!
  • Verify recipients – We validate the recipient with a magic link – easy!)
  • Encrypt message – If you send the document automatically by email, any message you’ve set will not appear in the email.

safedrop now remembers your security settings, so once you’ve used safedrop once, you don’t need to keep changing your settings.


This great new feature means safedrop Managers will get an overview of their teams live and expired safedrops. It’s also even easier to add new safedrop users to your team, all Managers now need to do is click ‘add users’.

My Settings

This is where you can change the frequency of updates you receive by email every time you send a safedrop. Choose from:
No updates – You’ll only get an email to confirm the safedrop has been sent.
Just the first – You will receive an email the first time a recipient looks at the safedrop.
All updates – You’ll get an email every time a recipient downloads something from your safedrop.
You can also change your password here.

Track safedrops

The new track safedrops screen lets you easily keep track of all of your live and expired safedrops in one place. You can instantly amend and expire live safedrops, view your digital waybill (with a summary of the safedrop), and view the full audit trail for each safedrop you’ve sent.

Free Accounts

We’re now offering limited free accounts for safedrop. See below for details.
To join the waiting list for a free account, click here.

What’s next?
We’re working on integrating safedrop with the systems you use, and on some great new features. Stay tuned to our blog more. If you’ve got an idea, get in touch.