Schrems II, File Sharing, and Projectfusion

Following the Schrems II case, in July 2020, the EU ruled that ‘Privacy Shield’ – the legal way to transfer personal data to the US – was invalid, causing confusion amongst data controllers everywhere. This was the work of privacy advocate Max Schrems, who previously got ‘safe harbour’ revoked. These data transfers take place all the time, and the EU don’t think the US is a safe place for personal data.

There’s more reading below, but we know is important for many of you, so here’s a very simple diagram, showing how data flows with Projectfusion.

With Projectfusion you can choose to host all data in the UK, EU or 27 other locations. When in that location all files are kept in the same geography.

Eagle eyed viewers will spot that our Disaster Recovery servers may be European hosted. We are moving these backups for UK clients over to the UK as the UK exits the European Union.

Further reading on Schrems II: