How to do better M&A with Zoom and online document collaboration

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Here’s an insightful 3 minute read from M&A expert Mona Sabet about how to help a virtual M&A deal using old fashioned long form writing plus online collaborative tools.

“Slack, email, Zoom are poor substitutes for the kind of in-depth discussions a deal requires. The always-on-from-anywhere quality that makes these communication devices so convenient also encourages “kicking the can down the road” behavior. Instead of spending time thinking through a detailed response, you send a half-baked idea and, by lobbing it over to someone else, buy yourself time to think about it more later.”

Sabet goes on to say:

“…(online) document collaboration, while still not as ideal as our old style “war rooms,” is a better alternative for aligning deal teams than our self-inflicted addiction to bullet points in PowerPoint slides and content-delivery-by-instant-messaging.”

Of course, we’re long converted to this way of thinking here at Projectfusion. That’s why every deal room includes a collaboration space with real time google docs like editing. Here you can prep the deal, as well as discuss the complex issues – not in real time, in your own time.

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