Sit back and relax with our no cost data room plan!

Ever waited until the last minute to get a deal together, and then had untold stress getting all the documents across? Or, setup a data room, only to have the deal go south?

Well, we have the data room plan for you! Get everything ready well in advance, and pay nothing until the deal starts.

Yes – that’s no charges until the deal starts, so you can get everything ready weeks, months, even years in advance. This means you can get your client to upload stuff straight to the data room, and you’ll have loads of time to prep. Less errors, less stress… what’s not to like?

We’ve developed this plan as a means for our clients to work flexibly, around a payment and usage system that works for them. So many data rooms users end up frantically working to get a deal done at the last minute, and this often cause errors and omissions, that can jeopardise your deal.

How it works today in 15 stepsDeal Nirvana in 7 Steps
ℹ️ 1. Try and collate the info from your clients.? 1. Pay a £99 fully refundable deposit
? 2. You have no deal room, so they might be emailing you stuff and sending in drives of data, or dodgy links to FTP sites and even dropbox links. That doesn’t work!? 2. Team and client upload everything they have
? 3. Finally get most of the files together.? 3. Setup time savers like auto numbering, index document & Q&A
? 4. Get a call on Friday at 2pm saying the deal has to be live today. 4. Now WAIT until the time is perfect
? 5. Get more last minute documents.? 5. Maybe have a cigar, and congratulate yourself on perfect planning.
? 6. Try and re-jig the layout and numbering.? 6. Get a call on Friday at 2pm saying the deal has to be live today.
? 7. Call around data room providers and get a good price.▶️ 7. Choose one of our ALL IN plans  & press start.
✍️ 8. Client agrees price and signs off.

? Spare Time!

? 9. Realise theres an extra 5,000 files.
? 10. Check the price, it’s gone up by £9000.
? 11. Client goes bonkers and wants another provider.
12. Find one eventually that can do quick setup.
? 13. Manically upload 10Gb of files on a crappy connection, all weekend.
⛔️ 14. Client calls on Monday and says the deals off, it’ll start again in September.
? 15. Open wine, consider career alternatives.

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