Drag and drop nested folders – rolling out now!

This is my favourite Projectfusion change this year – you can now drag and drop nested folders and files, and the folder structure is maintained on Projectfusion! Simple change, but will save loads of time. Need to upload a 4Gb 6,000 file deal thats already built on your PC is now one step. Or update […]

Phishing emails -2 simple rules to protect your business (print this out!)

Phishing emails are big business..  46% of UK Businesses had security breaches in 2017, of these 72% were related to staff receiving fraudulent emails. A phishing email is an email that tricks one of your team into doing something that puts your business at risk , like: Opening a dangerous attachment Clicking a link Sharing […]

Our service is now twice as fast

We’ve been really busy working on the latest round of improvements to Projectfusion, as well as a few tweaks and fixes. This latest release focuses on making the service faster – something we’re always keen to improve. There’s now next and previous arrows that let you switch between document previews. Great when you need to review a lot of […]

Q&A update adds drafts, alerts and more

We hope you had a great break. We’ve been busy updating your Projectfusion instance. Q&A has had an update, now your managing teams can draft questions, and pass them on for review. Also there’s new assign and notify options, as well as improvements to how you can reset passwords. Or you can give junior staff the […]

Keeping It Simple Stupid

We love simplicity, it’s even in our logo. But we looked at our new extranet, and realised we’d somehow got it wrong. As a new user, getting to the doc library took a massive 6 steps, including the dreaded re-enter your password screen (how annoying is it to enter a password, and then be asked […]