Announcing a new user role for Projectfusion!

Our new OnlineEdit role lets users upload and edit files within the data room without having overarching download access to all files. It’s great if you want to let users have access to the data room, and want them to be able to edit files and contribute to changes in the existing files, without having the ability to download files and take them out of the secure workspace.

It adds another layer of flexibility to businesses looking to retain control and security over their confidential data. Similar to our Collaborator role, it lets you take advantage of our real time editing suite, so you can work together on important documents of all formats, all without any latency. We support multiple users at once, so you can have a whole department edit the same document at once if you wanted to! (That would be brave).

Version control is handled automatically, so you don’t have to worry about any conflicts or users complaining their document is out of date. What’s great with the OnlineEdit role is that it offers the flexibility of the Collaborator role, but with slightly less permissions, meaning it’s great for those who want to contribute and edit documents, but don’t quite have the required clearance to be able to grab an offline copy for themselves.

Our new OnlineEdit role will be widely available for all clients in the coming months.

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