Filesharing v2.0 – lessons learnt securing court bundles

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1 weeks worth of paper for a Family Court Judge!

With our Digital Courtrooms sister business, we’ve helped UK Local Authorities share really sensitive electronic court bundles with magistrates. Now magistrates are great folk, doing an amazing job, but they are not IT experts. They provide their own laptops and tablets. When we started working with the courts in 2016, we learnt that despite the options available, most councils were still sending out super sensitive bundles using paper and couriers. These bundles were then returned to the council for destruction. It wasn’t enough to just send out a file securely, councils needed a way to make sure that documents were protected after they’d been sent. One way to do this was to make sure the bundles were returned.
There were alternatives out there, but they required people to install plugins and viewers, or sign up for complicated accounts, just to read a document, so councils were sticking to paper (this is still the case in many boroughs today!).
So when we offered to securely deliver court bundles online, there was immediate push back. How could we ensure that the magistrates would protect the files? Would their computers be safe? Virus protected? Shared with other users? It seemed like electronic bundles were more risky than paper! It wasn’t enough to securely deliver documents, we needed to secure documents after delivery. Otherwise little Johnny could send that sensitive court case to his buddy at school, or someone could print it out and leave it on a bus. So we needed to make sure the documents were protected day to day, and would disappear after the court hearing.
The way we solved this for Digital Courtrooms was to use a data room secure viewer service to protect the documents. This means that documents can be viewed on any smartphone or PC, but that they never leave the Local Authorities server. We’ve recently brought this technology across to safedrop. Now, in seconds, with no IT help, recipients can view your most sensitive files on any device, and the sender can restrict downloading, printing, copying, and make the files disappear when no longer needed.
To test it out, email with the subject SAFEDROP – and we’ll send you a bundle! Or call Jamie on 0207 183 1369.

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