Introducing Digital Courtrooms

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This is what we’ve been up to for the last year – In partnership with South London Legal Partnership and Zylpha we’re offering Local Authorities (LA’s) a simple way to create and send digital bundles to court – Digital Courtrooms.
We help create bundles, get them to court, and then let the court securely share with magistrates, judges, and everyone else involved. It saves shed loads of time, money & carbon, as we replace paper and couriers with full electronic bundles. There is also a reduced risk of errors in the bundle.
What we’re fixing

At the moment, many Local Authorities (LA’s) across the UK manually send their ‘bundles’ to court. By manual we mean either getting them delivered to the court by a courier of some sort, or by putting them in the post/DX.
A bundle is all the paperwork associated with a hearing, and its usually a binder without about 350 pages sourced from many different documents. So each time a case is going to be heard, the authority create multiple bundles (one for the Judge, Lawyer, CAFCAS, Social worker, plaintiff etc). Then the bundles are delivered to the recipient (they have to be couriered because they’re so sensitive). Then if there’s a change, that has to printed out, bound and couriered again. It is not uncommon for a single case to have five hearings, which means 30 paper bundles of 350 pages need to be produced over the lifetime of the case. Bundle (excuse the pun) in collecting old bundles and archiving/destroying them and the countless hours it takes to produce a bundle, and you have one very inefficient, costly and stressful process.
The Digital Courtrooms way
Digital courtrooms makes it easier to think smarter, not work harder. You can build your court bundle compliant with your Practice Directions directly from your case management system, then upload to the online case in our secure and protected data room. After that you then invite the relevant parties (Magistrates etc).
That’s it, all updates are notified by email, and all the bundles are delivered and read securely. Virtually instant, and saving the LA an average of around £800 per case.
A proven solution
From our first trial last year, we’ve now run hundreds on online cases – and we’re learning loads. We started with questions like ‘do we need wifi in court?’ (Answer – no!) and are now looking at thing like how to best present and share bundles in court. We now have clients going from pilot to live cases being heard in six weeks which is an incredible achievement.
This is just the start!
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