Protect PDF, word and excel documents – no plugins – fast simple sharing.

Before we begin, this blog will have just two objectives. To prove that Projectfusion’s secureview is fast, and to prove that secureview is the cool way to protect pdf and office documents. Let the challenge begin…

(if you’d rather just see it – click here to view some test docs.)

Picture this. You need to protect a pdf. You’re in control of this badass document, full of confidential information that isn’t privy to just anyone. Profit margins, analyst forecasts and details of the planned IPO for the upcoming quarter. But every now and then, these figures are shared with big, prospective clients to help them to sign on that dotted line. We’re talking a multinational, we come from old money conglomerate. Put two and two together and this time next year we’ll be millionaires, Rodney.
Only thing is, this info can’t just be sent to Gavin in Sales, who’s trying to get it signed, sealed and delivered. Nor can it be sent how he suggested; attached to an email. If only there was a method you could share this document with the company in question confidentially online? It’s gotta be quick, secure and easy to use.

Protect pdf with secure document review on a tablet
Projectfusion on a tablet. Check out the watermarks and simple full screen interface.

Enter Projectfusion’s new secureview. With it, when you protect a pdf or in fact protect any file, the user can’t download it, they can’t copy it, print it or forward it. If they photograph the screen, there’s a nice big watermark with their name and IP address all over it. Boom!
Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty (you’re listening to the boy from the big bad city) with some specs. Whatever your preferred device, it’ll work. Laptop on a train commute? Check. Tablet on a working lunch? Check. Smartphone on a car journey? Check, but only if you aren’t the driver. Bottom line: we built secureview on HTML5, the latest markup language in the HTML standard. You can protect a pdf or office doc with the knowledge that it will work on any device, Windows or Mac. Apple or Android. It makes no odds. Any basic internet browser will be able to display all secureview protected documents.
It’s also damn fast. check out our 100mb protected pdf file – 2.5 seconds to load a 75 page beast of a document with complex maps – on my aged iPhone ! This is due to clever compression, if you try this on google it  takes 10 seconds, and then leaves an insecure cached copy on your disk.
This means no friction when you’re trying to seal that deal with a client. Whether it be a desperate Hail Mary to make them second-guess their choice of another supplier, or that first due diligence review, secureview has your back. Your client will have an HTML browser, with which they will be able to securely view that protected document, whether it’s pdf, word, powerpoint, image, email etc. . Guaranteed.
But here’s the cherry on top of the icing on top of the mother of all cakes: we’ve introduced XLS Excel capabilities within secureview, one of very few in our industry. Finally, you can view spreadsheets securely on screen- and they appear just like in excel on your PC. 100 columns with a frozen header. Yes. Sexy pie chart, yes. 50,000 rows, fine. Multiple panels, yes. Would you rather that, or what is currently commonplace with some of our competitors right now; Excel files (apparently) need to be converted to PDF files to enable secure viewing online.
Now, I don’t know what you call that, but a pain in the neck springs to my mind. There’s plenty of synonyms, take your pick. Very few spreadsheets are two or three columns long; our colleagues in Accounts Payable wish this was the case, but in 99.9% of cases, these spreadsheets will be large, containing a multitude of important, sensitive data. Why restrict yourself to a *scoff* PDF that will only be able to show a limited space?
People do realise there’s a solution for basically everything nowadays, right? Except for how Leicester City won the league that year; that’s unexplainable.
Still not convinced? Let’s rattle of just a few more features of secureview. There’s a full touch interface when used on a smartphone or tablet, PDF outlines are supported and security watermarks have been improved. There’s even a search function within documents, so you won’t have to flick through half of a massive Word document before forgetting why you opened it in the first place. You can protect pdf, word, excel, powerpoint, images, emails, photoshop and about 100 other formats.
Now, we all have differing definitions of the word cool, but yes, I think we’re all in unison here. This is cool. Objective number one completed.
Speed is becoming more and more of a factor. Consumer satisfaction is top priority nowadays, as such is market saturation, people will simply move to another supplier if they aren’t happy. Getting the best price is one thing, but another they have been demanding, and will continue to demand in droves, is speed. Amazon’s entire business model is basically based on fast delivery. Cloud communications suppliers can lose huge clients if their two-factor authentication (2FA) SMS messages aren’t being delivered within three seconds. Three!
No matter your industry, there is a use case of a company who have impressed with speed. Whether it be delivery, speed of product, response time; it’s all relative. With secureview, you can download large files in a flash. Sizeable legal documents. Massive spreadsheets full of VLOOKUP formulae. Hell, let’s chuck in an Adobe Photoshop file of a confidential design of your new brand logo. SecureViewer handles it all. What helps is our progressive loading function, which enables large pieces to load quickly.
The definition of fast is pretty concrete, so there’s no ambiguity here: SecureView is indeed, fast. Objective two completed.
To conclude: Fast and cool. Challenge completed. If Usain Bolt was a piece of software, this is it. Only, we just want to help you to protect pdf and other files, not to win multiple Olympic gold medals. Show off.
Enough from us –   you can see PROJECTFUSION secureview right here – just click and check it out. It’s built right in to our data room, collaboration and safedrop services, with prices starting at around £20 per user/month. It will also integrate with common document management systems like iManage or VisualFiles.
The guys here at PROJECTFUSION are super proud of developing this service and are on hand to answer any further questions you have. Feel free to drop us a line via the form on our Contact page for more details, or give us a call on +44 (0) 20 77394252[