Our service is now twice as fast

We’ve been really busy working on the latest round of improvements to Projectfusion, as well as a few tweaks and fixes. This latest release focuses on making the service faster – something we’re always keen to improve. There’s now next and previous arrows that let you switch between document previews. Great when you need to review a lot of […]

Q&A update adds drafts, alerts and more

We hope you had a great break. We’ve been busy updating your Projectfusion instance. Q&A has had an update, now your managing teams can draft questions, and pass them on for review. Also there’s new assign and notify options, as well as improvements to how you can reset passwords. Or you can give junior staff the […]

Pre-planning a corporate virtual data room

Pre-planning a corporate virtual data room Great article above, with some great advice, my favourites: When constructing a VDR, it is often best to disclose more rather than disclose less. Allowing unfettered access to one or more potential buyers can cripple a deal if a party decides to walk during the due diligence phase. Having […]

Finally – easy permissions for data room deal management

We knew we had to make data room folder permissions easier, so we’ve crafted a 1 page interface that lets you see all your data room permissions in one place, and change them. You can manage groups, and see exactly what they can view, down to the file level, on one screen. Here’s an example:

New and improved Q&A for due diligence and procurement data rooms is on its way

We’re preparing our new Q&A rollout,  it will be going out to all our customers over the next few weeks.  It’s designed for M&A and Procurement, scales to 10s of thousands of questions, and exports nicely to excel. The biggest improvement for me is the tagging, which interacts with search to provide things like “Show […]

The FBI, US Patriot Act & Prism – 5 ways to secure your cloud data

You probably know that the Patriot act gives the US government easy access to your data whilst its in the cloud, without telling you or your government.Here’s an overview, and 5 steps you can take to protect your cloud data. Two ways the FBI get your data: 1- US owned data centres. They can obtain […]

New reporting for Projectfusion 3

We’re rolling out reporting to our Projectfusion 3 clients. This provides full usage reports and means that you can use Projectfusion for critical data rooms as well as collaboration. The reports list everything that users have been doing, including how long they’ve spent on site, what comments they’ve left,  and what they’ve been searching for. […]

5 rules for better acquisitions (M&A)

In November our MD Angus Bradley was lucky enough to attend a talk given by Kevin Samuelson, the CFO of Infor, the biggest software company you’ve never heard of!  Kevin has  guided Infor through over 40 acquisitions, raising more than $10 billion in financing, and grown annual revenues from $40 million to nearly $3 billion. […]