Finally – easy permissions for data room deal management

We knew we had to make data room folder permissions easier, so we’ve crafted a 1 page interface that lets you see all your data room permissions in one place, and change them.
You can manage groups, and see exactly what they can view, down to the file level, on one screen.
Here’s an example:

Along the top are group names, and below the roles they have for different folders.
You can see the HomeOffice group have access (PDF only) to most folders, but not to a Restricted Content folder. You can also see that InternalDevOps group have got the higher level role (Contributor) to folder A11.
Using simple colours from green to orange lets you easily see where restrictions have been changed.
Just click on a folder/group intersection to change the permissions. Simple.
So it’s really easy to add new groups, and restrict folder and file views as you need.
When would I need this?
Here’s a few examples:
Auditors – need access to a section of files, but not internal HR notes.
M&A – each bidder gets their own folder for files only they can see.
Internal – Local HR teams only see their locations HR reports, management see all locations.