Finally – easy permissions for data room deal management

We knew we had to make data room folder permissions easier, so we’ve crafted a 1 page interface that lets you see all your data room permissions in one place, and change them. You can manage groups, and see exactly what they can view, down to the file level, on one screen. Here’s an example:

Data freedom – CMIS

When choosing cloud services that will be hosting your data, it’s important to think about access to your content, and how you can get it. In the context of a document or management system content will be files and folders, and also things like comments and meta data. When  you have uploaded thousand or millions […]

Our new Q&A is in beta

Our new Q&A feature is in Beta at the moment. Here’s a quick guide for those of you trying it out. This is due to be final before the end of March. It adds lots of nice features, including threaded questions.

Simpler sites in Projectfusion extranet

Some of our clients were worried that there were just too many options, and their poor users could be confused. We agree, so have added a new site type, ‘Simple File Share’. This just contains a dashlet with a list of files and folders, and an activity stream. You can even remove the activity stream […]

Keeping It Simple Stupid

We love simplicity, it’s even in our logo. But we looked at our new extranet, and realised we’d somehow got it wrong. As a new user, getting to the doc library took a massive 6 steps, including the dreaded re-enter your password screen (how annoying is it to enter a password, and then be asked […]

Each Projectfusion site has its own terms

Each Projectfusion site can now have it’s own terms of use, which can be formatted, and even contain graphics.  To add terms to a site, go to the site as a manager, and choose ‘More | edit site details’. From here you can paste things in, including any images that are online (Your logo, your […]

Projectfusion extranet launched

And we’re live! Projectfusion Extranet launched quietly this morning! So quietly, we forgot to blog about it.. All good.

iPad Projectfusion 3

Here’s something fun we’ve been doing. Using a notepad apps, we can integrate with Projectfusion so that all notes are automatically uploaded to the projectfusion secure server. This could be used just as a backup, or to share notes with your team. I’m using this now, to backup my ipad journal, but what are the […]

Projectfusion 3. Over 200 new features. Make your clients happy.

Projectfusion version 3 is due out in early 2012. Its all about collaboration & security. Over 200 new features including great ways of working with your clients:  A site for each client – with custom dashboard and ”meet the team” area. Secure discussions – you can host discussions for each client. Let them ask questions, post up FAQ’s, get your team and the client talking.   Blogs – use a blog to update on progress, or on lessons learnt.  Meet the […]