Data freedom – CMIS

When choosing cloud services that will be hosting your data, it’s important to think about access to your content, and how you can get it. In the context of a document or management system content will be files and folders, and also things like comments and meta data.
When  you have uploaded thousand or millions of valuable files and associated metadata to your cloud you need to be able to access it from other apps and get it off if needs be.

We support the Content Management Interoperability Services standard,  CMIS.
CMIS is a new but widely adopted open standard that allows different content management systems to inter-operate over the internet. The CMIS standard is supported by around 20 or more enterprise content management systems (ECMS) like Oracle and Sharepoint.
By supporting the CMIS standard we give our clients complete data freedom to seamlessly move documents, comments, questions and answers, wiki’s, discussions etc and their associated meta data.
You can do things like access Projectfusion content from Sharepoint – without getting involved in complex API’s or projects.
Further reading: CMIS on wikipedia, the CMIS standard docs.