Pre-planning a corporate virtual data room

Pre-planning a corporate virtual data room Great article above, with some great advice, my favourites: When constructing a VDR, it is often best to disclose more rather than disclose less. Allowing unfettered access to one or more potential buyers can cripple a deal if a party decides to walk during the due diligence phase. Having […]

Data freedom – CMIS

When choosing cloud services that will be hosting your data, it’s important to think about access to your content, and how you can get it. In the context of a document or management system content will be files and folders, and also things like comments and meta data. When  you have uploaded thousand or millions […]

The Index document – a one page site map with excel export

We just updated our index feature – we now offer a one page printable summary of the entire data room, and a full excel index. When you are reviewing documents the onscreen index gives you an at a glance overview of the entire data room, and tells you how large the main folders are. If […]