Simple steps to protect you and your team from phishing

Here’s a simple process to protecting your firm. We’ve all seen them. Those pain in the arse emails that range from outright blatant to almost genuine in appearance. Over 50% of recipients get hacked because of them. The cost of a phishing attack can be huge, not just in monetary value either. In 2017, law […]

Phishing emails -2 simple rules to protect your business (print this out!)

Phishing emails are big business..  46% of UK Businesses had security breaches in 2017, of these 72% were related to staff receiving fraudulent emails. A phishing email is an email that tricks one of your team into doing something that puts your business at risk , like: Opening a dangerous attachment Clicking a link Sharing […]

Introducing safedrop v2: Revolutionising secure data sharing!

Projectfusion is rolling out a brand new version of safedrop, it’s secure messaging service which lets users send audited, secure messages and files to any email address.   The World’s first! When Projectfusion developed safedrop in the early 2000s it was the world’s first ‘ephemeral’ secure messaging service, and we’ve continued to develop and improve […]

iStorage USBs and why we use them

If you don’t know already here at Projectfusion we’re all about security. Our infrastructure, processes and personnel are fully ISO27001 compliant. So what happens when we send you data and rely on couriers to do their job correctly? Will your data be safe until it reaches your hands? Don’t worry, the answer is always a […]

Even better security and compliance

We’ve just released new updates and fixes for Projectfusion, focused on security, security, security! PDF Security and a new addition Our first improvement affects the Consumer PDF role, allowing you to disable the “Download PDF” button. You can re-enable it at anytime via More > Application (admin account only). Also we added a new button […]

Pre-planning a corporate virtual data room

Pre-planning a corporate virtual data room Great article above, with some great advice, my favourites: When constructing a VDR, it is often best to disclose more rather than disclose less. Allowing unfettered access to one or more potential buyers can cripple a deal if a party decides to walk during the due diligence phase. Having […]

Finally – easy permissions for data room deal management

We knew we had to make data room folder permissions easier, so we’ve crafted a 1 page interface that lets you see all your data room permissions in one place, and change them. You can manage groups, and see exactly what they can view, down to the file level, on one screen. Here’s an example:

2 step authentication – stop hackers, bad leavers and leaks!

Projectfusion will be offering 2 step authentication from August 14th. It’s simple for users, just requiring them to enter a token sent to their email address. This offers great protection from risks like hackers,  3rd party leavers and deliberate leaks. Like all good things it appears simple, however a lot of thought has gone into […]