Even better security and compliance

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We’ve just released new updates and fixes for Projectfusion, focused on security, security, security!

PDF Security and a new addition

Our first improvement affects the Consumer PDF role, allowing you to disable the “Download PDF” button. You can re-enable it at anytime via More > Application (admin account only). Also we added a new button to the previewer so users can print from the browser.


Better compliance

For better compliance your recycle bin will now automatically empty after 4 weeks – Supporting standards such as EU DPA (Principle 5 – retention). Ensuring personal data is disposed of when no longer needed will reduce the risk that it will become inaccurate, out of date or irrelevant (which is linked to principles 3 and 4).

Company invites are better

Assigning a company to a new user account is more streamlined. Simply fill in the users details and company name, click Add and next time you can select it from the dropdown. No more copying and pasting necessary.

Improved company invites

We’ve also been working on:

  • Legal sorting – We now handle legal folder structures much better, so that 1. Apples, 2. Pears etc. will always show before 11. Oranges. To enable this select “Legal” from the ‘Sort By’ dropdown on the document library page.
  • Footer, Login page and password reset text – You can now add some custom text to the footer area, login and password reset pages of your data room. For example you might like to display your Support Team contact details or just use it to welcome users.
  • Better Blog dashlet – The blog dashlet can now be used as a way to communicate with your site users. It’s great for deal diaries and general all party updates.
  • Office Document previews – We have improved the way Projectfusion handles and previews office documents.

What’s coming next?

Very soon we’ll be releasing our Projectfusion desktop app for both Windows and Mac! It creates a secure WebDAV connection between your data room and a local machine. We can explain all once it’s live.

We’re also excited to be working on an iPad and iPhone client. Its really awesome and incredibly secure! We cannot wait to show you how it works and what it can do.

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