Introducing safedrop v2: Revolutionising secure data sharing!

Projectfusion is rolling out a brand new version of safedrop, it’s secure messaging service which lets users send audited, secure messages and files to any email address.

The World’s first!
When Projectfusion developed safedrop in the early 2000s it was the world’s first ‘ephemeral’ secure messaging service, and we’ve continued to develop and improve it ever since.

What is safedrop?
Safedrop allows users to send files securely – by email, intranet or social media. Users can even –  in true Mission Impossible style – set messages to self-destruct once opened.
Many professional organisations rely on safedrop for sending files and messages ultra-securely. Loyal and enthusiastic users include local authorities sending highly confidential court information about children, healthcare professionals sending confidential medical information, and law firms using Safedrop to share sensitive files and case documents.

The benefits
Here are some benefits of this super-secure messaging service .

  • Share thousands of files – or up to 5GB – at one time in one message
  • No passwords –  Recipients get a magic link instead. Much, much easier.
  • Self destruct & expire – All messages expire and are then deleted from our servers. You can also choose to self-destruct the message once it’s read. This means no more confidential files put at risk by being left lying around and forgotten
  • GDPR compliant – Customise your Terms of Use to inform recipients that you will be tracking and recording their actions.
  • Audit trails – Full audit trails show all activity and downloads. We send you a copy by email too.

Brand-spanking new safedrop v2
Projectfusion has spent the last few months developing and testing a brand new version of safedrop, (safedrop v2).  We’ve rebuilt it from the ground up and made it even better.
It’s GDPR compliant. The new Terms of Use page explains to recipients the sender’s terms for accessing the secure information.
Users can now send secure safedrop links themselves by pasting a link into any conversation format: email, social media or any messaging service.  It’s secure and encrypted, with two-factor authentication to access content.

How safedrop v2 is even better
Other important v2 improvements include:

  • We’ve added more anti-virus protection
  • We can customise things for you. So you might want to restrict recipients, or setup  keyword blacklists.
  • You can have different Terms of Use for different recipients,
  • We can brand safedrop for you by adding your logo, contact details, an image and even free text to your Welcome page and Terms of Use page.

Safedrop is simple, secure data sharing with no passwords: revolutionising how people share files!
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Projectfusion Safedrop v2 self-destructing messages
Safedrop messages can be set to self-destruct after opening