Turbocharge your data room indexing

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If you’ve ever wondered what happens when you move content around in Projectfusion when autonumbering is enabled, check out our video below! Prefer to read? Then skip to the article below.

The problem

In a typical data room, autonumbering is enabled and let’s say I’ve got a document with the index of 1.1.1 as an example. If I want to move this document somewhere else, for example – I drag it into folder three, it will then get its number changed (in this case, it would get changed from 1.1.1 to 3.1). That may not always be what you want. If you want the numbering to stay the same or you want to reference the document somewhere else, you’ve got three options.

Solution 1 – Use the unique document Link

One is hidden away in the menus. Every document in Projectfusion Data Rooms has a permanent URL. It’s like a permalink – that link will never change. So you can reference that document from anywhere, move it around, do whatever you want with it and that link will always work and take people straight to it, so you can reference it from other documents. So in this instance, you just need to create a link from one location to the other, and this will keep the indexing intact. This is incredibly useful!

Solution 2 – Use the search bar

However, those links are not the best looking and they generate quite a long link like you can see. One of the great things about Projectfusion is the search is really fast, so if I want to find the document, it’s a really nice idea to use search to find these links. Documents come up really, really quick when auto-numbering is enabled and you search for an index (e.g 3.1).

Solution 3 – Create a shortcut link

The third option you have is that you want to move a document somewhere else, but you want to keep as a number. What you can do is go to copy to another folder for example. But then, rather than copy the file there, you can click “create a link”, which keeps document exactly where where it was. But also creates a link to that document in folder 3 with an index of 3.4 (as an example), which is a link back to that document. When I click the link, it takes me back to How about that for ease of use!

So there you go. Auto-numbering in detail. If you’ve got any queries, drop us a message: support@projectfusion.com

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