Customer Spotlight: Sulantrix

David Williams, CEO at Sulantrix

David Williams, CEO at Sulantrix, has been in Biotech for almost 40 years, taking medicines from discovery to market and forming existing new companies. His driving motivation is to make a difference to patients.

As a young startup, Sulantrix qualified for our bespoke startup package providing them with a secure full-featured dataroom, and our secure file sharing platform.

Sulantrix is a new Biotech working on a brand new approach to treating various cancers using small molecule drugs. Essentially, they are focused on modulating a class of cellular targets which either drive tumour formulation or resistance to current therapies.

We recently spoke to David to get his thoughts on Projectfusion:

“We were looking for two things, a cost effective data room solution and safe server storage, and we couldn’t find any other provider that could supply that need.”

“Before Projectfusion we used various online options including Dropbox, Ideals and Box. My advice to anyone setting up a data room or document repository is to be careful and monitor how fees increase as you add more users…”

“The Projectfusion startup plan is affordable for young companies and there is good help and advice available by the team when required.”

“We use Projectfusion as a data room for potential investors and customers, as well as off site secure storage for our files/folders. We initially chose Projectfusion because it was an affordable data room solution for longer term use and we have stayed as customers because the offsite (back-up) server storage has been a better solution than buying our own servers.”

“The whole onboarding process was straightforward and we had full and quick support when needed.”

“Compared to other solutions Projectfusion is easy to use and requires no complicated installations either for us, or for external parties.”

“We have integrated ExpanDrive with Projectfusion to give us stable, fast storage which is as simple as accessing the hard drive on your PC.”

“The biggest reason I’d recommend safedrop/Projectfusion to a colleague is because it’s easy to use and there is good support available and the team are keen to develop new products and work with small companies and startups.”

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