Our ethics – green giving, no guns or gambling please

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Ethics form a huge part of our company. We’re a very ethical team, with 5 simple rules that direct everything we do:
NO BS Do what you say. If we say it’ll be ready Wednesday 10am it’ll be ready.
Make it green. All our services reduce paper,print and couriers. We also have a paperless office, carbon neutral hosting, recycle everything we can, and encourage use of cycling over taxis (although using a Boris bike in London after several pints of bitter is no longer encouraged :). Where possible we use suppliers with similar values.
Ethical investments. I’m mostly talking banking here. Our savings & investments avoid arms, gambling & tobacco. Currently we use RateSetter peer to peer lending and the Royal London Ethical Bond a lot.
Give money & supportWe give at least 1% of turnover to charity. The team sit down after profit share and choose the 4 charities once a year. In line with our slightly unusual brand value of intimacy we tend to favour charities with a local presence like the Kent Air Ambulance and Emmaus. We offer discounts and freebies to charities who need our service.
The Aimar foundation have used Projectfusion for the last 5 years to manage their amazing Crisis at Christmas campaign.
Current CSR projects:
– move all office electricity to renewable supplier
review carbon neutral hosting options for backups, or offset (amazon s3 EU is now carbon neutral)
– find an ethical bank to hold cash reserves
If you have any ideas that could help us do better with our ethics we’d love to hear them!