Uploading & Downloading Files And Folders Using A Zip File

Upload multiple files using a .ZIP archive

Collect all the folders and files you wish to upload, and compress them into a “ZIP” file. A ZIP archive of up to 250MB in size will work, anything over that may fail.

Drag the ZIP archive(s) onto the screen (or click the Upload button) to upload the file to the Document Library.

Once the ZIP archive is in the Document Library hover your mouse over the ZIP file and you will see a menu appear on the right. Now click More > Unzip, followed by “Extract”.

All your files and folders will begin extracting, and once complete will appear on the Document Library.

Uploading international character sets:

Please make sure your zip program is unicode friendly. After upload check the files are named ok – if they look like ���젅�  then you need to try again. Windows built-in zip compression suite is poor, so we suggest creating Zip files using WinRAR – it works all the time. Or install another application to upload.


Download multiple files using Compress & Download

Use the checkboxes to select the files and folders you want to download in the document library.

From the ‘selected items’ menu at the top of the page, choose ‘Compress & Download’.

Name the file and download

The file will be downloaded to your local computer (i.e. in the downloads folder). From here you can double click to view or extract the files.

This is a great way to upload and download up to 250Mb (about 7,000 pages) of files at once.

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