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Company History

Company History “The Projectfusion Story” The Projectfusion story started in 1998, at the height of the dotcom boom. The first Projectfusion offices were in Brick

ILTA 2017 London – Come and see us!

Come and meet us at ILTA Insight 2017 – the premier peer-developed legal technology conference in the UK. There’s no other event in Europe that

Real time collaboration is coming

Real time collaboration. No more ping pong changes. One master document for internal and external teams.  ISO27001 certified, choose from UK, EU, US or self host.


Projectfusion v5 is here!

PROJECTFUSION v5 is here! This a major update for Projectfusion, version 5 provides a new faster interface and way to search for content, better management

Wannacry ransomware – update

1000hrs Monday 15th May 2017 In case you haven’t heard, a new exploit called WannaCry has been spreading across the internet since Friday. It’s ransomware

3 tips to avoid a data breach

Click here to read the original article Here at Projectfusion, we implement all of these measures for you so your data remains safe and even

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