Projectfusion Updates April 2021 – A Better Viewer and a Hot Datacenter!

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? Making the best even better!

Our secure viewer is really good, with Excel view in particular working beautifully on all platforms. However, the first time a PDF is viewed, it can sometimes take a while to display (as we encrypt it). In a new update due in July, we will be reducing this first encryption time massively so all documents will load within 3-4 seconds. This will make document viewing even quicker! ?️

We’ll update you with further details when this is due to be released.

? The Heat is on!

Our French datacenter got a little bit too hot recently, so much so that a huge fire ravaged our hosting provider, OVH. Thanks to our tech team’s quick response and solid Disaster Recovery plans, we were able to move all our French servers to a different location within 40 minutes. Our hearts go out to the OVH team for what was no doubt a nightmarish experience! If you’d like to find out the whole story, check out our blog.

✋ Need a hand?

Struggling with your data room? Need some help? Don’t worry. Our support is always on hand to help you out. Simply drop us a message using the chat function available in the bottom right corner of your data room.

If you want more in-depth assistance, why not book a free, no obligation demo with us?