Streamlining Email Review for Due Diligence & eDiscovery with Projectfusion!

We’ve recently added the ability to preview email messages (as well as attachments) to Projectfusion! This means you can now also sort messages by their sent date, which means it’s now incredibly easy to source and access previously sent correspondence, all within the Projectfusion interface. magine the time you’ll save—no more need to search or filter, download, and then preview just to find what you’re looking for. It’s all streamlined for your convenience.

email preview

The message previewer promises to substantially speed up due diligence & eDiscovery. If you’ve got a mountain of emails to go through, you’ll find it suddenly much easier now that they’re all consolidated in one place and efficiently indexed. We’ve truly enhanced your ability to work faster and more efficiently within the data room. This means less time managing emails and more time focusing on what really matters. Your workflow just got a major upgrade!

email search

With the added abilities of the previewer, you can take advantage of our advanced search to quickly pinpoint specific messages or attachments based on keywords, dates, or sender information. Thanks to our intuitive interface, it’s really easy to find what you need. For example, you can sort emails by sent date, making it straightforward when referring back to historical emails. This previewer update is fantastic for optimising your email management when it comes to due diligence and eDiscovery, boosting overall productivity within the data room.

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