PII Redaction for due diligence and file sharing

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PII & Sensitive Data Redaction is now built into Projectfusion.

Intro | How to use | Redaction in M&A

Redaction removes sensitive information from PDF documents before you share them. It’s especially important when sharing sensitive or confidential documents in a virtual data room, especially when sharing PII (Personally identifiable information like email addresses and IP addresses).

Without redaction you face compliance breaches if you’re sharing personal data with 3rd parties.

Outside of data rooms redaction is often critical when sharing files outside the business.

Redaction is needed for

Protecting personal information in court documents.
Protecting trade secrets, IP, and confidential business information.
Financial transactions – protect account numbers and PII.
E-Discovery – removing confidential info
Healthcare – protected confidential info.
Research – project the privacy of research subjects, such as participants in a clinical trial.

Save ??£14,000?? a year

Before Projectfusion, many of our clients were having to buy expensive PDF software, often spending upwards of $500 a year per user, to clean up documents before re-uploading to the data room.
Projectfusion redaction is FREE for annual clients for up to 50 users! Cancelling that Adobe Pro / NitroPDF contract will save a 50 user firm £14,000 a year.

If you really need some of the fancy widgets Adobe gives you, keep a few licences, and give everyone else Projectfusion – you’ll save a fortune.

Work Faster

Before Projectfusion our clients were receiving files from clients, sharing them internally and redacting with desktop tools, then re-uploading them to the data room. Now with Projectfusion you can redact documents in the data room directly. Get your team & clients uploading to a prep area on the data room, redact in place, then move to the data room and go. Huge time saving⏰!

It’s not just redaction

In Projectfusion you can:

  • Make document layout changes / re-ordering / delete / add
  • Add a signature
  • Amend PDF
  • Add pictures
  • Redact text and image
  • Redaction text labels (replace Acme Ltd with Company A)
  • Search and replace
  • Automatically match credit cards, emails etc
  • Regular expression match

⌛️AI Redaction* will save even more time! ⌛️

Our AI redaction feature is coming soon. It will automatically redact common PII in multiple languages. Will save even more time as it prepares the redacted documents for your final check without you doing anything!

PROJECTFUSION are starting with a 3 pronged PDF edit & redact solution

  1. A really fast manual redaction, fast and simple to use, with some special features that you cannot get with Adobe and the usual desktop clients. This is available NOW.
  2. Basic PDF editing, add remove pages, change orientation, add images and signatures
  3. An AI solution to redaction that will strip out all personal details from a document in a few seconds. This will save hours of time checking and manually redacting documents. It takes about 3 seconds to redact a 20 page pdf.

Redaction will be brought across to safedrop if enough people ask for it!

*And for the pedantic, no it’s not really AI, it’s very sophisticated machine learning. But AI sounds better and is quicker to write 🙂


How to use in Projectfusion

Click the big edit button on a PDF view

Then on the left hand side you have some simple controls.
Once you press APPLY the changes are burnt onto the PDF, and cannot be removed.

See full help article here | Contact support to get redaction turned on!

Redaction in M&A

Redaction is the process of removing or obscuring sensitive information from a document before it is shared or made public. In the context of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), redaction is an important consideration, as it helps to protect sensitive information from being shared with unauthorised parties.

sensitive information redaction

During the due diligence process, both the acquiring and target companies will exchange a large amount of sensitive information, such as financial records, contracts, and confidential business plans. This information may contain sensitive personal data (PII), such as employee or customer information, trade secrets, or intellectual property. It is important that this information is protected from unauthorized access or disclosure, as it could be used to gain an unfair advantage or cause financial or reputational harm to the companies involved.

Redaction can be used to remove sensitive information from documents before they are shared with the other party. It allows you to remove confidential information from documents before sharing them with other parties, which may include personal data, financial information, or confidential business plans. The process of redaction typically involves manually reviewing documents to identify sensitive information, and then obscuring or removing that information using software or other methods.

The use of redaction is not only important for protecting sensitive information but also for maintaining legal compliance. Redaction may be required in legal documents or court filings to protect the privacy of individuals or to comply with court orders. By using redaction as part of our approach to data security, we can help ensure that our clients’ confidential information & PII remains protected and secure.

It is important to note that redaction is not always a simple process, and it requires a thorough understanding of the relevant laws and regulations, such as GDPR, and the specific requirements of the M&A transaction. It also requires careful attention to detail, as even a small mistake in the redaction process can result in sensitive information being inadvertently disclosed.

Redaction is an important consideration in M&A transactions, as it helps to protect sensitive information from unauthorised access or disclosure. It requires a thorough understanding of the relevant laws and regulations, and the specific requirements of the transaction, and requires careful attention to detail to ensure that sensitive information is properly protected.



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