Projectfusion v5 is here!

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This a major update for Projectfusion, version 5 provides a new faster interface and way to search for content, better management options, and provides a stable platform for the more major enhancements planned this year.

You will notice that the menu items have moved a little. They are now all located along the top right hand side and in a drop down menu, which simplifies the layout of your site. Top left you have a ‘sites’ dropdown which lets you quickly get to your stuff. New dashlets are available, include a custom Search dashlet for site pages. The new sites menu shows recently access sites, as well as access to the new site manager options.

We also have a list of new features:

  • Search as you type!
  • Search just this site (you can also add saved searches here).
  • Activity stream now also shows online views and downloads.
  • Faster, flexibler, better – and with search as you type!
  • Live search now works across all your sites, and greatly speeds getting to content.
  • We’ve also added a search dashlet you can add to each site, saved search dashlet, and the ability to setup custom faceted searches.
  • Every user now has access to their own trash can, which also adds a search to quickly find that thing you didn’t mean to trash. One click recovery.
  • Super admins can still access each users trashcan and recover files for them.
  • Users in social sites can now search for any user, and see their details. Users in data rooms are still anonymous, and can’t see anyone’s details
  • Document previews & downloads are now be shown in the activity stream for uploaders and managers. You can immediately see if anyones  looked at your new plan for world domination.
  • We hide multiple events to save space.
  • You can easily hide all view activity if you don’t care!

Lots of changes for Site Managers and Admins. You can turn sites off temporarily ( great for pauses, or if  you’re doing major changes). There’s also a new Sites interface which lets you see all  your sites, and if you’re an admin you can join a site and make yourself manager.

Did you know? We also do secure file sharing? Get started free at