Projectfusion vs Dropbox

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If you need to store confidential files in the cloud, then you have plenty of choices to pick from. Many consumer-grade cloud storage systems like Dropbox are not designed with the needs of data room users and those handling super sensitive data in mind.

Here’s a rundown of just a few reasons why Projectfusion should be at the top of your list when it comes to picking a cloud storage system for your next project. Whether it be corporate finance, real estate transactions or legal case work, Dropbox and the like just won’t cut it.

Extra features

We offer loads of features that deliver what users need, and there are many that Dropbox just doesn’t offer.

  • In-built Questions and Answers
    • Handle queries from multiple parties with our easy to use Q&A tool. Keep confidential questions hidden between parties and manage bidder questions easily.
  • Hosting location keeps you compliant
    • choose to keep all your data in the UK, or France, or wherever. This makes many GDPR and privacy issues go away
  • Autonumbering
    • Our CMS automatically indexes files and folders for you, making everything easy to reference later on. Save tonnes of time manually indexing folders!
  • Customisable NDA
    • Set your own terms to visitors of the data room – fully customisable to suit your compliance needs, GDPR, HIPAA or otherwise.
  • Watermarking
    • Protect documents from unauthorised sharing with a watermark containing all user data to deter troublemakers.
  • 3 minute support 24/7 support (You can pick up the phone or email us to talk to someone about your account. You will have a response within 15 minutes at any time of day)
    • Our industry leading support are always available!
  • Custom branding – you can even have a sub branded portal for each asset you’re managing
    • Put your mark on your data room and keep within your brand guidelines by making your data room yours.

Cost effective

In the current economic climate, everyone wants to get good value. Our plans our transparent and flexible.

Client Quote: “There is about £800 difference between Projectfusion and the company we are currently using… we spend more time trying to fix unnecessary issues with other sites than we do with a proper data room like Projectfusion.”

We provide clear, transparent pricing without the BS or suprise hidden costs for additional extras you didn’t ask for and don’t need. You pay for what you use, and all our pricing is available to view without being hidden away.

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Download our brochure here for a full list of features compared to Dropbox!

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