Save 20 hours per deal setup with data room templates!

Save 20 hours per deal setup with data room templates!

With our new Due Diligence data room template, your team can get an entire data room set up and indexed in less than a minute. Setting up your data room is now faster, smarter and easier than ever before, meaning your team can save time to focus on what matters. It’s great for converting DDQs into data room folders!

Want to use your own templates?

Our plans allow you to set up your own custom folder templates. If you have your own Due Diligence checklist and folder structures that you know you’ll want to use again, setting up a template is an efficient way of duplicating a folder structure across multiple deals.

No template? No problem

If you don’t want to use our templates, you can drag, drop and upload an entire folder structure from anywhere into Projectfusion where it will be indexed and numbered automatically.

due diligence indexing

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