Stay Compliant Across The Globe

At Projectfusion we host data in a variety of locations, all of which meet your local regulatory requirements. With Projectfusion you can keep all your data isolated in one geographic location. Everything stays there – files, databases and failover servers. Uniquely, we offer hosting in both the UK & Europe – important with the lack […]

Filesharing v2.0 – lessons learnt securing court bundles

With our Digital Courtrooms sister business, we’ve helped UK Local Authorities share really sensitive electronic court bundles with magistrates. Now magistrates are great folk, doing an amazing job, but they are not IT experts. They provide their own laptops and tablets. When we started working with the courts in 2016, we learnt that despite the options […]

safedrop v2 – share files securely, gdpr compliant, no passwords

safedrop v2 – a simple secure way to share files with complete control, and NO PASSWORDS! Share large & sensitive files GDPR compliant Messages expire or self destruct Each safedrop has its own URL, you share it by email, social media, text, whatever Email tokens for recipient verification – no passwords Click here to get on […]

US government can still break your encryption without a court order

US Section 702 spying rules get deadline extension until April – and we expect it will continue after that, however it’s being challenged today by the House Freedom Caucus. For now, for Europeans, and anyone concerened about privacy, it’s just easier to keep your data in data centres with companies that do not have any US […]

GDPR – 7 Key elements you must have in your supplier contracts

If you’re using a supplier to host *any* EU citizens personal data (including log entries, emails, documents, HR records, backups) then when GDPR starts in May 2018 you need to have a written contract with them that includes: subject matter and duration of processing type of personal data and categories of subjects. And that the […]

Why we're still apple first for mobile – Shanghai surprise as cheap Android devices ‘phone home’ to China

Full story -> This is we are still focused on apple first for our mobile strategy – a strategy which has to allow download on uncontrolled or untrusted devices, which could well be devices like these. With apple we have a good idea that the hardware and operating system can be trusted. We can […]

What effect will Brexit have on Projectfusion?

Now that the U.K. has voted to leave the E.U we want to reassure our customers that this won’t affect our ability to continue providing our services to you. A leave vote will not have an immediate impact on Projectfusion. For the UK to leave the EU it has to invoke an agreement called Article […]